MSM Business Services

You can benefit by presenting your company through MSM to top talents from around the world. There are different options to get access to our international students and alumni, a diverse pool of young, ambitious students and highly experienced professionals.

CV Book

You have privileged access to the MSM CV Book containing the CV’s of our current MBA and Master in Management students – a diverse pool of international top talents. Our Master in Management students are young, ambitious professionals prepared to step up to the next level. Our MBA students are experienced, mid-career professionals and entrepreneurs equipped with the leadership skills for tackling today’s global business challenges. Together with you, we can work in defining the profile of the talents you may need.

Annual Corporate Week

Each year in June MSM organises the Corporate Week. During this Corporate Week, you have the possibility to present your company and to network with our high potential MBA and Master in Management students in Maastricht. This is a great opportunity to reinforce your brand as employer and to find suitable candidates for your company.

MSM Alumni network

You can advertise your company and job openings through our worldwide alumni network (MSM Networker). Through the MSM Networker you get exposure to an extensive network of around 10,000 high level professionals, leaders and entrepreneurs throughout the world.

Company-dedicated projects

Our students can fulfill projects completely dedicated to a business challenge in your company. Read more about the company dedicated projects. Working with our students in company-dedicated projects also offers you the ideal opportunity to get to know them and see if they would be a fit for your company.

Other ways

Open your doors for a work visit
Work visits are organised around a specific course of our management programmes and offer the opportunity for our international students to get first-hand insights into the Dutch and European way of doing business. For you as a business it is the ideal way of presenting your company to MSM’s international management talents.

Provide an expert guest lecture
MSM organises guest lectures by business representatives for its students on a subject directly linked to the course topic. Your company can provide an expert on one of the topics to deliver an interactive guest lecture to our international student body. Through this guest lecture you can present your company to our talents and get to know MSM students.

Become a mentor of an MBA student
Through the MSM Mentorship Programme, we link our talented, experienced and diverse group of MBA students on an individual basis to representatives of the local and regional business community and governmental institutions. This match allows mentors and students to build mutually beneficial and durable networks and relationships. Mentor and student will be matched based on background to ensure that both parties benefit from the relationship.