MSM Business Services

Would you need help in solving a business challenge of your company? There are several ways MSM’s international students can help you through applying their knowledge and skills to tackle your business problem. 

Final project

Our international MBA and Master in Management students complete their degree programme with a final project, consisting of either an Academic Research Paper, a Business Consultancy Project or a Business Plan. This final project can be fully dedicated to a specific business challenge in your organisation. 


Our talented and enthusiastic MBA and Master in Management students can fulfill a traineeship within your company in which they can apply the knowledge and skills gained at MSM to tackle a business issue of your company.

Group company project

During their studies the Master in Management students fulfill a company dedicated group project. For this group project several teams of students compete on the same case to provide the best solution for a real-life problem of a company. Your company can be the topic for this group project and through the competitive approach of this project, you can be guaranteed to get the best solution for your challenge.