MSM Corporate Week 2023: Gaining essential knowledge, skills, and insights to succeed on the job market


“The MSM Corporate Week was an invaluable experience that provided a wealth of knowledge and connections. This experience has enriched my MBA journey and offered me valuable insights that will continue to shape my professional path. I know the insights and relationships formed during this week will serve as key drivers for my professional journey.”

This is how current full-time MBA student Johanna Galindo Ruiz summarised the MSM Corporate Week. During the week, the Master in Management and MBA students were treated to company presentations, workshops and trainings and learned from alumni experiences, all aimed at preparing the students for the job market.

Master in Management student Samarth Sandeep could not agree more with Johanna. “The MSM Corporate Week provided a highly distinctive and educational experience. The exposure to a diverse range of companies in the Netherlands proved invaluable for us, the prospective applicants. In addition to the job market insights, the workshops organised during the event were remarkably informative. They covered essential soft skills and shed light on the cultural nuances one should be mindful of in the Netherlands. Moreover, the Alumni Inspiration Day proved to be exceptionally beneficial. The shared tips and experiences have the potential to prevent us from repeating their lessons learned and help us to navigate the job market and general life more smoothly.”

Workshops and trainings

To improve their soft skills, students were offered a variety of workshops and trainings during the MSM Corporate Week. These workshops included sessions on Personal Branding: How to Sell Yourself, Negotiation Skills, Improvisation Skills and Interactive Communication Techniques.

For Samarth, the Personal Branding workshop was one of the highlights. “The workshop delved into the importance of self-reflection and recognising personal strengths and weaknesses. Understanding oneself thoroughly is crucial for interview success and serves as a valuable asset in various aspects of life. The workshop provided insights on leveraging personal experiences to enhance job search and professional networking. Moreover, it emphasised the pursuit of personally fulfilling employment and maintaining a healthy work-life balance, as work constitutes a significant portion of one's life.” Johanna added that the advice gained was insightful and practical and something all students can immediately apply in their professional endeavours.

The enjoyable and beneficial Improvisations Skills workshop offered a refreshing change of pace after the company presentations. “The workshop, which took place outdoors, provided an opportunity to unwind, engage in enjoyable activities with peers, and engage in meaningful conversations with a twist, focusing on interviewing techniques and networking skills,” said Johanna.

Company presentations

The company presentations offered the students the opportunity to get a glimpse into different business cultures, working styles, and products. This year students were able to join company presentations from Medtronic, 6P Consultancy, Weir Minerals, Fluke, Lynk & Co, KPMG, Mollie, Leco, Corporis Medical, Catella, CGI, DHL and UPS.

For Mollie, giving a company presentation during the MSM Corporate Week is a great way to meet ambitious students and to give them more information about the company. For many, Mollie is an unknown company because, mostly, their customers are companies. In addition, one of the main values of Mollie is DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion). The MSM students are a diverse group, which adds value to the solutions of the challenge Mollie hosted during the presentation. “This is great to see and gives diverse and creative solutions,” said Michel Vermeer, Head of Customer Operations at Mollie. 

The presentation from Medtronic stood out for Johanna. “Their global approach and unique company culture resonated with my clinical dietitian background, providing a fresh perspective to my healthcare-centric viewpoint.”

Samarth commended the presentation of KPMG. “The presenter skilfully elucidated the company's operations, various departments, and the diverse roles encompassed within them. The session included a comprehensive explanation of the team's responsibilities, aided by visually appealing slides and relevant case studies. This approach facilitated easy comprehension for individuals with different educational backgrounds or professional experiences.” Samarth also highlighted the presentation of LECO. “The presentation's emphasis on instilling an understanding of organisational values for future workplaces, regardless of whether students choose to work at LECO or not, was truly inspiring.”

The company presentations did not only mean listing to presentations but also gave the students the opportunity to interact with passionate professionals. “Seeing their deep connection with their companies and how they "wore the company’s shirt," so to speak, confirmed the importance of fostering a strong team spirit in an organisation. These insights will be instrumental in shaping my future company, particularly in creating an environment where everyone feels deeply tied to a shared mission and vision,” adds Johanna.

“Overall, the lessons learned from these company presentations will equip me with valuable knowledge, skills, and insights that will positively impact my professional development and enable me to make informed choices throughout my career journey,” concludes Samarth.

Alumni Inspiration Day

As every year, the MSM Corporate Week finishes with an Alumni Inspiration Day. During the day, the students get to learn from the personal experiences of MSM’s alumni who provide them with valuable insights.

“Hearing the experiences of those who were once in our shoes as candidates and are now successful professionals was inspiring and enlightening,” said Johanna. In addition, Samarth describes the day as a source of reassurance. “Particularly because their accounts closely paralleled the challenges we currently face towards the end of the programme. Listening to their stories and realising that nearly everyone undergoes a similar process instils a sense of optimism and hope for a brighter future. The knowledge shared during the group sessions was truly priceless and undeniably one of the standout features of Corporate Week 2023.”

Recent Master in Management alumnus Dixon Block joined the Alumni Inspiration Day and gave a workshop on Interactive Communication Techniques. “Upon graduating, I began work in giving trainings and also helped various professors in their own classes to give short presentations and trainings. I wanted experience, the students loved to see what they were learning applied directly, and returning to the university helped to keep me relevant and attentive to what my peers were teaching.”

Thinking back on his own experience of the MSM Corporate Week, it was one of the best within the programme. “It gave me an insight into how all that we were learning could be applied in day-to-day life and work. The week also gave me a view into exactly what work has in store in different companies and environments in a much more ‘human’ way.”

“Finally, the networking dinner was very enjoyable as we got to converse with the alumni in a more relaxed environment over food and drinks and it proved to be a very enjoyable evening,” said Samarth. Johanna adds that it offered a wonderful opportunity to form lasting connections with the alumni. “It was a memorable end to the week that went beyond learning and networking and contributed to a sense of shared community.”

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