The essence of Strategic Leadership


“I joined this program to gain skills in setting the strategic priorities and managing the change process in order to realize the potential and maximize the opportunities in the agricultural sector In Uganda.”

These were the words of Mr. Moses Kasigwa from Uganda after successfully finalizing the executive Strategic Leadership program which took place from 9 – 13 May 2022. “The agriculture sector in Uganda has a very high potential for growth and persest several employment and income generating opportunities for the growing population, especially for youth Albeit a few challenges it faces. This executive program was the perfect fit and will help me to contribute to the different challenges we are facing in the agricultural sector.

For Alexander Mulbah from Liberia the program has been very useful as well as it gave him the logical and practical tools to effectively contribute to providing the needed strategic leadership mechanism that will rapidly engineer change: “My country is currently going through public sector reforms. The role that Leadership plays in supporting reforms cannot be understated. Therefore, as a member of the reform team at the Governance Commission of Liberia, I decided to join this program.

Strategic analysis and measuring the Key Performance Indicators were two of the topics discussed in the program, especially this part was highly valued by Mr. Kasigwa: “This is the core of the implementation process because it matches the targeted objectives that need to be achieved and points to the process of measuring and keeping track of the desired change.

Mr. Mulbah thought the program was great in its entirety, but particularly valued two aspects: “The knowledge I have acquired during the Strategic Analysis and Teamwork and Execution part will enable me to apply strategic tools to identify institutional problems and address these problems by applying effective teamwork skills.

Throughout the week, the participants worked on various group assignments, something that was highly values by Ms. Zohra Tazi from Morocco: “The group assignments have not only connected us on personal level, but also on professional level as it gave us chance to exchange experiences, communicate and bring innovation with ideas arising in a shorter period. The teamwork offered the opportunity to learn from people coming from different cultures with varied work experiences and different perspectives on strategic and organizational challenges which allowed me to be exposed to different perspectives.

Mr. Kasigwa fully agrees with the words of Ms. Tazi: “The group assignments have enabled me to benefit from a wide range of multicultural experiences of the other participants. This brings varying narratives to solving the same challenges. Very interesting and recommended.

Also for Mr. Leo Kerklaan, Strategic Performance Management expert and lead trainer of the program nothing but positive words: “Leo is a great trainer. His ability to present the course in such a practical manner, demonstrating through context-based examples was excellent in my view. Leo’s ability to evoke the participation of everyone through the group work approach was quite notable. His training style is something to replicate in professional settings.” According to Mr. Mulbah.

Mr. Kasigwa added: “Mr Leo Kerklaan is a proven coach, author, senior consultant and lecturer of strategic planning development and monitoring among others, with many years of experience.”

About the executive Strategic Leadership program
Both private and public organizations need to adapt to numerous outside world developments such as technological developments, economic development, the need for more social responsibility and increased international competition. Strategic management and leadership deals with processes aimed at setting the organization’s direction, objectives and priorities in the changing landscape, at focusing on internal energy and resources to achieve the objectives and at aligning internal and external stakeholders. Strategic management and leadership is about analysis, decision making and planning. It is also about implementation of strategic plans to realize the desired performance.

Mr. Leo Kerklaan, Strategic Performance Management expert, designed this practice-oriented program to inform (potential) leaders about the most relevant aspects of effective strategic leadership and he offers the tools and instruments that can help in developing and implementing effective strategies.

Would you like to join the Strategic Leadership program as well?
The next executive Strategic Leadership program will take place from 14 – 18 November 2022. Click here for more information about the program and how to apply.

About MSM’s executive education programs
Today’s rapidly changing societies and economies demand the most from organizations, leaders, managers and professionals. MSM’s Open Enrollment Executive Education programs for emerging markets are developed to achieve a successful and sustainable transformation of both individuals and organizations to support local economic development and business management.

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