Strategy and planning, a highly interactive, involving and relevant course


Strategic planning is important to an organization as it gives a sense of direction and outlines measurable goals. It’s a tool that guides you through the day-to-day decisions, progress and changing approaches. Being able to plan strategically is a good skill to have, and therefore an important course in our Master in Management program.

Oliver Olson, Senior Lecturer of Marketing and Strategy indulged the Master in Management students in the Strategy and Planning course. Through this course, the students learned to understand the essence of strategy, the central dilemmas in strategy-making, implementation and the impact it has on an organization.

“I can now look at other businesses and understand their strategy and see where others went wrong.” – Master in Management student

A busy 4-day course schedule awaited the students, where they learned through real company cases, self-study, presentations, group work and the expertise of their teacher Oliver Olson. The students were happy with the very interactive approach of teaching which made it fun and easier to understand. The lecturer made the topic relatable and applicable to real life with good examples and very interesting guest presentations, the students said. Subjects that were covered were amongst others, what strategy is and what not, strategic leadership, internal and external analysis, business strategy and how strategy is formed.

“This course was a great experience where Oliver really demonstrated how to understand the strategies of companies and how to apply the necessary tools used to analyze different approaches to improve the firms’ SWOT and competitive advantage.” – Master in Management student

About the Master in Management
The MSM Master of Arts in Management (MM) program is a one-year full-time master’s program for recent graduates and young professionals (< 3 years of working experience) with the ambition to manage people and processes with success in any organization, country or context.

Our MM provides you with a first necessary step to fast-forward your career to higher levels by providing you with a solid foundation in the practice and theory of management in a fast-changing global world.  During this course you will be provided with the opportunity to understand how to steer your organization to high performance in a diverse and multicultural international business context. You will learn from experienced faculty, international companies and fellow participants from different cultural, business and study backgrounds.

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