Master in Management alumnus on Forbes 30 under 30 Vietnam


Listed on Forbes 30 under 30 Vietnam, a great achievement of Master in Management Alumnus Duc A. Hoang. Duc is an education evangelist who loves to explore and tackle educational gaps. It goes without saying that to tackle these gaps he started his own organization. In March 2019, EdLab Asia was established, an NGO that focuses on educational research and development activities.

Forbes 30 under 30

Forbes 30 under 30 is a list that selects game-changers and entrepreneurs under 30 years old who shake up the industry. From innovating new technologies to demonstrating immense talent, this group of young talented people stands out from the crowd. Every year thousands of young entrepreneurs are nominated and it is up to a team of reporters and a-list judges to select the best 30 of that year in several industries. 

Duc was very surprised to be selected for Forbes 30 under 30. “I really see my shortlisting as another lesson for me. I can learn a lot from new fellows on this year’s list, and have the chance to elevate our current efforts on education as well as personal reflection for my future.”

Where it all started
Duc has a background in economics and IT. However, when he was an undergraduate student, Duc participated in a project at an international school to develop the practical science curriculum for them. Thereafter, he was involved in various educational projects as project analyst, project manager and strategic consultant.

After a couple of years working, Duc joined Maastricht School of Management (MSM) in 2016, to elevate his management skills and knowhow during the one-year Master in Management program.

“I see the Master in Management at MSM as a very valuable year in my life. It helped me to grow and excel in my career. It taught me to better listen to other people, how to collaborate with people from different backgrounds and cultures. The program gave me the ability to look at an issue from different perspectives.”

Once graduated, Duc returned to his home country Vietnam where he took on a role as c-level executive. However, after having gained experience through various educational projects (established multiple K-12 schools, reformed e-learning systems, raised millions of dollars for educational businesses) the urge to take the next step in his career was there. “Education is the most sustainable way to tackle today’s issues” according to Duc. As such, he decided to commit to elevate educational practices in public areas across Vietnam, as well as the region of Southeast Asia and founded EdLab Asia.

Making a difference in the Southeast Asian education sector
To get shortlisted for Forbes 30 under 30 you need to stand out and make a change. And that’s exactly what Duc is doing.  Besides being the Director, he is also one of EdLab’s five Principle Investigators. His research group is focusing on the topic of educational equity and equality, and teaching professional development, educational management and leadership. Through EdLab, Duc and his colleagues are committed to approve to improve K-12 teachers’ effectiveness through multiple initiatives, such as:

  • In July 2018, Duc established the “Teaching and Learning Magazine”, the first pedagogical monthly magazine for K-12 teachers. It’s online, it’s free and has its own “4.0 mantra of Teaching and Learning”.
  • In August 2019, EdLab organized Vietnam Educamp, the first unconference event for Vietnamese educators. The event gathered around 450 teachers, researchers, educational managers and policy makers to discuss educational topics.
  • Next summer, Cunghoc (learn together), a nationwide open e-learning platform for K-12 teachers will be launched.

As you will have noticed by now, Duc is a self-starter who takes life by the horns and makes his dreams come true.

What is it that drives him and makes him successful, we hear you think, “A belief in a better future” he says.  

Duc is currently preparing a stronger foundation at EdLab so they can nurture future educational researchers, educational communicators and educational leaders across Southeast Asia. In the coming years, Duc is also aiming to start his Doctoral program, which he postponed 2 years ago. He sees another study as a step closer to reaching his dreams.

Some last words of advice from the MSM Alumnus; “Your potential is very powerful, please do not let it be limited by any external or internal barriers. Listen to yourself, discover your dream and live your life.”

Read the Forbes 30 under 30 Vietnam article in Vietnamese here

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