Research Methods and Skills – kick-start your research journey


From September 2020 until February 2021 an international group of students joined the MSM Research Methods and Skills (RMS) program which was offered via distance learning. On 9 February 2021 they all successfully defended their Research Proposal as the final result of the program.

The program develops the students’ academic skills and scientific mindset. The modules take the participants through the empirical research cycle step-by-step and balance theoretical knowledge with experience-based learning.

For Madan from Bhutan joining the Research Methods and Skills program was really helpful. “In order to complete my research, I needed more knowledge about the qualitative and quantitative research methods. During the RMS program I learned how to execute data analysis with SPSS, the qualitative aspects of the research but also how to develop a research proposal in general.” At MSM we strongly believe that learning-by-doing will help you develop a unique set of skills to draft and execute your research proposal. With all assignments being geared towards drafting an initial research proposal, the RMS program truly kick-starts your research journey.

The distance learning approach of the program includes extensive and interactive online sessions, group activities, discussions forums, individual sessions (where requited), and practical exercises in order to ensure a vivid learning experience. Eduardo from Peru valued this approach: “Participating in the Research Methods and Skills program via distance learning gave us the opportunity to use the videos as reference. I also appreciated the flexibility of the course, the digital platform and study materials used and the interaction with the lecturer and fellow students.”

Would you like to join the next intake of the RMS program? The next program will run from 6 September 2021 until 4 March 2022. On the program page you can find more information about the modules, the admission requirements, and the upcoming deadlines. In case of any questions, please feel free to contact us via

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