Developing your academic skills and scientific mindset – the Research Methods and Skills program kicks off


“The Research Methods and Skills program includes the most important topics of research. From my perspective research methods and skills is a vast field. MSM however took us through the empirical research cycle step-by-step.” This said Ms. María Alejandra Caicedo Bucheli after attending the Introduction to Research Methodology module on campus in Maastricht.

The first module of the program introduced the participants to the world of academic research. The module assisted the participants in formulating their research question and conceptualizing their research interest. The module also included assignments to help the participants develop their research proposal. In-class activities and reflective exercises helped the participants absorb the new knowledge.

“I have been gladly surprised by the content and the methodology of this introductory module. For me the topics covered were very enlightening, especially the insights on searching quality articles for literature review and conceptual model building. The knowledge gained is of essential value for my daily work as a lecturer and trainer,” according Ms. Caicedo Bucheli.

The Research Methods and Skills program is offered both on campus (12 weeks, starting from early September to late November) and blended (i.e. online videos, handouts, moderated online forum discussions, feedback on assignments per email and Skype). The program comprises five modules and
is fully geared towards drafting your initial research proposal.

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