A study of the high performance organization’s transformation process at Takaful insurance companies – Online DBA defense


On 10 February 2021, Mrs. Mirna Mroueh successfully defended her DBA thesis titled: A study of the high performance organization’s transformation process at Takaful insurance companies - The Case of the United Arab Emirates. The DBA defense took place in an online session.

“A DBA is discipline in every way… It is a daring adventure that forces you to overcome all the obstacles on your path and the doubts you have about yourself. For me having the courage to start was a dream and by trusting the process of MSM I found the results handled themselves.”

About Dr. Mirna Mroueh’s research
Islamic insurance, otherwise known as Takaful insurance, is one of the Islamic finance services that provide insurance based on the principles of Islam (Shariah law). The demand for Takaful insurance has seen an increase in the past decade in line with the rise of the world's Muslim population, accompanied by the increased demand for Shariah-compliant products.

Despite the increased demand for Takaful insurance products/services, Takaful organizations' performance has been a subject of debate and a vital issue to address due to the increase in worldwide competition and the lack of qualified staff.

This research describes a study to test the practical value of implementing the high-performance organization (HPO) framework on three Takaful organizations in the UAE over 18 months and developing a transformational plan that can sustainably improve their performance. The research also showed the effect of the UAE National Culture and the Takaful Work Values on the Takaful organizations' high-performance. Moreover, The High-Performance Partnership (HPP) framework was used to identify how Takaful organizations can grow their partnerships and get their collaborations' full benefits.

The research went beyond the HPO framework by formulating recommendations that Takaful managers can focus on and make the proper corrective actions.

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