MSM MBA Summer School 2023 – bringing bright minds together


Saturday 17 June 2023 marked the start of the 2023 MBA Summer School. Over 110 MBA students joined the MBA expertise track courses at MSM in Maastricht. We welcomed students from the MSM Full-Time MBA, Executive MBA, Online MBA and from our partners Corvinus University of Budapest, Bucharest International School of Management (BISM) and Hochschule Reutlingen.

During the two-week MBA Summer School, the students followed expertise tracks in Entrepreneurship, Digital Economy, International Business & Sustainable Development, and Supply Chain Management. The MBA students from BISM followed the expertise track in Innovative Leadership.

The summer school courses provided a mix of theory, group work, simulation games, expert guest lectures and work visits, making it a rich, intense and diverse learning experience.

Executive MBA student Andwele Illes (Suriname) followed the Supply Chain Management expertise track, and enjoyed the practical elements in the summer school programme: “The simulation game delivered great teaching moments in terms of communication skills and sharing of knowledge. The field trip to Arvato linked theoretical concepts of Supply Chain with practice and it was quite impressive to see the workings of their warehouse. This visit makes me curious to visit the warehouse of the company that supplies medication to the pharmacy I work for.”

Online MBA student Liza Puspitasari (Indonesia) highly valued the cultural diversity: I followed the International Business & Sustainable Development expertise track. It has been an exciting learning experience with a high cultural diversity. I have gained a lot of new insights, which are very relevant to the latest world developments.

Full-time MBA student Lourens Bester (South Africa) followed the same expertise track as Liza. Like Liza, Lourens emphasised the relevancy and importance of this expertise track in the light of current developments in the world. “I think it is such an important course in balancing the climate crisis with current international developments in the green economy and policies that will shape the future. Sustainability will be an unavoidable aspect of life and work for the future. The International Business & Sustainable Development track gave me fresh perspectives on sustainable practices and future policies that will protect the environment, mitigate climate change, ensure resource availability, promote social equity, drive technological advancements, and foster long-term economic stability.”

Lourens was inspired by the lecturers, guest lectures and groupwork: “The lecturers came from four different countries which contributed to the rich diversity of knowledge and experience in the course. From the guest lectures, I particularly enjoyed the guest lecture by Lars Jennissen from the N+P Group. The work they do in terms of creating energy sources from recycled plastics was inspirational. Being a Full-time MBA student, it was good to partner up with the Executive and Online MBA students in the group assignments.”

Although following a different expertise track, the Summer School experience of Executive MBA student Eugenio Alcalde Rodriguez (Spain) has been similar to the experiences of Andwele, Liza and Lourens: "The Entrepreneurship expertise track at MSM was a profound experience that equipped me with a holistic understanding of building a business from the ground up. The diversity of cultures in my cohort, insightful lectures, and real-world insights from guest speakers and work visits all contributed to an enriched learning environment. The group assignments, in particular, honed my collaboration and leadership skills, further preparing me for the challenges of the entrepreneurial world. These learnings, a blend of theory and practice, are now invaluable tools in my professional toolbox, informing my decisions and strategies in my current role, and I am confident will continue to illuminate my path in my future entrepreneurial endeavours."

MSM MBA Summer School 2024

Are you interested to join the MSM Summer School next year? Then mark your calendar for 15-29 June 2024. Please note that apart from students in the MSM residential and global MBA programmes, the MBA Summer School is open for external candidates that fulfil the admission requirements.

More information on the 2024 Expertise Tracks is available on our website.

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