Kuwaiti MBA students travel to MSM for their expertise tracks: an eye-opening experience


From 1-15 June 2023, we welcomed the students from MBA intake 14 from our partner in Kuwait. The 28 students travelled to MSM at the Tapijn campus in Maastricht to follow their expertise track courses in Banking & Finance or in International Business.

The students in the Banking & Finance expertise track, followed courses in Investment Banking, Advanced Financial Accounting, Strategic Management Accounting and Portfolio Management.

The students who chose the International Business expertise track, followed courses in International Business Studies, Globalisation and Economic Development, International Strategic Alliances and International Marketing & Service Management.

The courses in the International Business expertise track were an eye-opening experience to Mohammad AlRayes: “The courses were eye-opening to many facets of business, I did not really know existed. It gave me clear insight into how organisations operate internally and externally and linked the theory/science of management that we absorbed in class to real-life applications and examples. Due to that linkage, I now recognise it in my own professional role and organisation, and also when cooperating with other organisational or corporate contacts. True education of the highest calibre was delivered.

Jamilah Alotaibi, who also followed the International Business track, enjoyed the variety of courses offered in the track: “Each subject covered an aspect of international business, which helped me develop a comprehensive understanding of the field. As a Kuwaiti, I particularly appreciated the way the courses reflected on my country and how to take a deeper look in terms of international relations and its components.”

Ahmed Abdul followed the Banking & Finance expertise track: “Overall, the experience was overwhelming, being far from home, but the condensed lectures helped keeping us busy. As a student who studied his bachelor's degree in the United States, and working in the UAE at the start of my professional career, I am used to being far from home. Furthermore, I like how our class stuck together and helped each other through the courses. The lecturers were amazing, diversified from all over the world with different experiences to pass along to the next generation.”

Also Jamilah is full of praise of the lecturers, she encountered in the International Business track:  “I had the pleasure of learning from a diverse group of knowledgeable, experienced, and welcoming lecturers and professors. They were passionate about teaching, and they managed to merge the classes’ content into different reflections from the world as an international community, to the reflection on our own Beautiful Kuwait.”

Mohammad, sharing the same expertise track, agrees: “The lecturers were simply outstanding. Dr. Aad van Mourik, Dr. Ehab Shalaby, Mr. David Dingli, and Dr. Terry Kakeeto-Aelen were sublime in delivering their respective courses in a very compressed and intense timeframe. Not only did they succeed in compressing the content in an unbelievable manner but also compromised nothing in terms of quality of the content, which was excellent. I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank each of the professors on behalf of myself and my cohort, for their time, delivery, and their exquisite educating capabilities.”

The busy schedule did not allow much time to explore the city of Maastricht, as Mohammad explains: “Due to the compressed schedule we did not have much time to explore during the classes but Maastricht is a beautiful, historic, awe-inspiring city. I definitely will visit again when I have the chance, as Maastricht is now a part of my educational upbringing and I sense a feeling of belonging to it and to the community. I absolutely loved it and the people are very friendly and lovely.” Also Ahmed liked the city: “Maastricht has made its mark in the unique highlights in my life. Historic Culture, Diversity, and Peace in such a lovely city.”

Jamilah made the most out of her study trip in Maastricht: “I was impressed by the city's mix of old and new architecture, and I was struck by the friendly and welcoming nature of the people I met. I enjoyed visiting the many museums, sights, shops, and restaurants in the city.
Overall, I had a wonderful experience studying International Business at MSM-Maastricht University. The programme was challenging but rewarding, the lecturers were top-notch, and the city was charming and full of hidden gems. I would highly recommend this programme to anyone interested in a career in international business.”

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