MSM and Kafrelsheikh University sign Coorporation agreement


In May Dr. Diederik de Boer, Director International Projects and Consultancies visited Egypt to sign the coorporation agreement between MSM and Kafrelsheikh University for the Nuffic funded water management project.

The project named ‘Enhancing water efficiency and food security through Egyptian TVETs’  will enhance water efficiency and food security in Egypt by means of capacity building at TVET/HE’s.

A thematic workgroup combining Dutch and Egyptian expertise will be set up to identify issues in the Delta and at the edge of the desert. The working groups will bring together experts in water, agriculture, various social domains and labour markets where the aim is to provide tangible and applicable outputs and disseminate these outputs to farmers, small enterprises, agro-industries and exporters. The project will contribute to sustainable water use and agricultural production with a positive effect on nutrition and food security.

Together with the Faculty of Agriculture Kafrelsheikh (FAKU), Environmental Studies and Research Institute of the University of Sadat city (ESRI), Aeres University of Applied SciencesDeltaresAmerican University of Cairo and the Water Management Research Institute (WMRI), MSM will carry out the project.

The project runs from January 2019 until 30 December 2021 and will be coordinated by Prof. Meine Pieter van Dijk who is a senior expert on water management.

Nuffic Orange Knowledge Programme
The Orange Knowledge Programme is a €195-m Dutch global development programme, available in 53 developing countries and managed by Nuffic, a Dutch non-profit organisation for internationalisation in education. Launched mid-2017, it aims to have provided tens of thousands with the possibility to change their future through education and training by mid-2022\

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