Nuffic grants agricultural project in Ghana to Maastricht School of Management


End hunger and children's undernourishment and ensure the sustainability and resilience of food production systems by 2030 is the aim of the 3-year long Ghana based project that will be managed by MSM.

In this project Ghanaian Public Farm Institutes and Dutch organizations join forces to end hunger (sdg2). This will be accomplished through reviving agricultural technical and vocational education and training in Ghana by integrating farm institutions in the wider agricultural education system with public agricultural colleges and universities.

The aim is to enhance the educational and organizational capacity of the three Farm Institutes; Asuansi Farm Institute, Wenchi and Adidome Farm Institutes. These are currently challenged, as they can’t attract sufficient students. However, the Farm Institutes are very important in strengthening the agricultural potential of the Ghanaian population. Therefore, this consortium supports them to rebrand the institutes in order to enhance their image, become more attractive for secondary education graduates as well as professional agriculturalists.

The consortium existing out of the Ghanaian Farm Institutes and MSM, CINOP, Q Point, Graafschap College, KNUST, In-Holland, Kwadaso College of Agriculture and Sunyani Technical University aims to enhance the sustainability of the partnership through a mix of activities. These activities include; staff exchange, guest lecturing and joint projects, with special attention of implementing projects that contribute to address the needs of people from marginalized groups and to realize gender equality.

The project will run from 01 July 2019 until 31 December 2021 and will be managed by Dr. Rita van Deuren, International Project Consultant at MSM and Hans Maltha, Managing consultant at CINOP.

Nuffic Orange Knowledge Programme
The Orange Knowledge Programme is a €195-m Dutch global development programme, available in 53 developing countries and managed by Nuffic, a Dutch non-profit organisation for internationalisation in education. Launched mid-2017, it aims to have provided tens of thousands with the possibility to change their future through education and training by mid-2022.

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