Making an impact with effective strategic leadership and change management


From 21 January – 1 February, 14 participants from eight different nationalities took part in the 5-day Strategic Leadership program and the 5-day Change Management program. These programs are especially developed to help (potential) leaders to improve their leadership and organizational skills, and the skills to implement change in their own organizations. The main focus was to further develop their leadership talents, learn about their personal traits and habits in order to better interact and communicate with their sub-ordinates, co-workers and customers.

In the Strategic Leadership module, Leo Kerklaan taught the participants the most relevant aspects of effective strategic leadership, the nature of a strategy and on deciding about the desired strategic position. The participants felt competent to analyze the strategic environment, and were capable to develop a feasible implementation plan to achieve the strategic objectives.

In the second module, Prof. Geert Heling focused on the very important challenges of change in today’s business world. The Change Management program equipped the participants with managerial skills and capabilities to lead organizational change processes.

Dini Meiyanti, one of the participants expressed his gratitude to both Leo Kerklaan and Geert Heling “Both of the lecturers are great! Leo has a broad knowledge of all the subjects and is willing and open to discuss everything. Geert has a very inspiring way of teaching, he is smart, funny, and expressive and also give us a very clear explanation about the change management”

Insights from companies
For each of the two programs a work visit was organized. In the first week, the participants visited SABIC in Sittard (NL) and learnt all about the implementation of Sabic’s strategic decision to move away from a traditional office configuration to a flexible workplace concept (Flex 4 All Concept).

In the second week, the participants were welcomed at the Municipality of Maastricht where they were taken through the various steps of the change process to transform the municipality from a rather bureaucratic organization in 2001, to the public friendly and transparent set up of today. In addition to this change process, the municipality is confronted with new challenges of change, due to the influx of foreign students and refugees.

The work visits were very much appreciated by the participants. “The work visits reinforced the topic and made the entire program even more relevant and applicable. I recommend this program highly for anyone managing an organization who wants to improve its performance or individuals seeking to do better” according to Charles Anum Adams, participant of the Strategic Leadership and Change Management program.

All participants came from different working environments, which had a creative effect on the group discussions and substantially contributed to the interaction during the role-play part of the assignments. Five participants who initially subscribed only for Strategic Leadership module in the first week were so satisfied that they decided on the spot to also follow the Change Management module.

Do you also want to learn how to design effective change programs and develop the personal management skills to successfully lead change processes in your organization? MSM will run another Strategic Leadership program from 21-25 October 2019 and Change Management program from 28 October – 01 November 2019.

We hope to meet your there!

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