Full-time MBA Research Methods module: a combination of education, experience and practicality


“The Research Methods module taught me a lot about the research methods which are available and how to apply them. In addition, this module was very helpful in preparation for my final project as part of the full-time MBA”.

This said current full-time MBA student Ahmed Siddiqui after having completed the module. “By completing the Research Methods module, I now have a comparison of how an assignment should look like and how a thesis should look like. Research Methods combines education, experience and practicality and it all comes together in the academic paper. One research method that fascinated me was the snowballing research method.”

During the Research Methods module the students are also guided in their thesis journey. “I expected something completely different and thought the module was going to focus on writing academically and APA referencing. Of course, these topics were part of the module to some extent. However, the lecturer also clarified a lot of things like the difference between a business consultancy project, a business plan and an academic paper. These are the options to choose from for your final project as part of the full-time MBA.

Not only did the lecturer clear the concepts but she also gave us examples of previous final projects. In addition, she elaborated about the thought processes of the previous students and why they decided for one of the three final project options.” Ahmed also appreciated the practicality of the course. “During the module you will also learn more about sampling, how and when to decide you are satisfied with your data, and how to do this in a precise manner. The data you have, should be classified and you should choose different methods of methodology, quantitative and qualitative.”

“The cultural diverse classroom also adds to the learning experience”, says Ahmed. “I live in Dubai which is already a cultural diverse environment. However, it is different to be in a classroom with fellow students who have different objectives, different goals in life, and come from different cultures. We all try to achieve the same thing which is to become a better contributor in the next phase of our life. This brings us together and adds to the experience of sitting down with like-minded people. Every day is a surprise and I really like to journey so far. Everybody is so welcoming and ready to understand and listen.”

About the Research Methods module
The module gives students the opportunity to develop the basis of their final project by defining an appropriate literature review which leads to specific research questions and objectives. In addition, the students will be able to identify the appropriate quantitative and qualitative techniques based on relevant primary and secondary sources.

Knowing how to conduct empirical research is not only relevant for the academic thesis, but also for business consultancy assignments or business plans. Exploring business opportunities, understanding market developments and knowing your customer or company’s competitors all require research. In this research methods course, participants will learn the ‘basics’ for conducting business and/or academic research as well as for preparing a solid project proposal.

All MBA students are obliged to write and defend a final project. This extensive piece of research is an essential part of the full-time MBA, bringing together many of the skills learned during the programme. Students have the opportunity to write one of three types of final project: a business consultancy project, a business plan or an academic research paper.

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