Full-time MBA Change Management module: the emerge of the next generation changemakers


“The Change Management module is an intensive training for young professionals like me to emerge as the next generation changemakers. The module prepared me to lead by developing my management of people and leadership skills. It was also a self-development course that empowered me with critical thinking, fresh perspectives, and instilled cultural insights. All will be useful for new leaders to tackle the growing crises and challenges faced within any organization and the world.”

This is how Radhika Ralhan summarized her Change Management module as part of the full-time MBA program. “Creating a robust strategy, diagnosing the symptoms and analyzing key actions for bringing improved organizational change were key learning outcomes for me. In addition, we focused on the strong need to bring a change in the behavior of people. The module taught me that people are not aversive to change, but they can be directed positively through the right strategy, tools and techniques implemented by a rational leader with the aim to bring collective impact.

The module inspired me to become the kind of leader that I want to be. I see creative leadership as a significant solution in today’s world faced with crisis, whether it is Covid, climate change or conflict within countries. The essence of creative leadership requires courageous conversations, critical thinking, a collaborative mindset, and compassion in dealing with people. This module has inspired me to become this kind of leader.”

Radhika also valued the teaching styling of Dr. Geert Heling. “It was really inspiring to be part of the engaging and interactive teaching style of Dr. Geert Heling. He always linked the concepts to real time scenarios. One of the innovative aspects he included in his classes was on the topic of ‘personal self’ or ‘self-awareness’. Through this we were able to understand ourselves better but also to indicate the areas in which we could improve as professionals.”

About the Change Management module
Change has become a constant factor in today’s business world. (Global) organizations constantly have to adapt to their external environment as well as make changes to their internal organization. Projects aiming to improve efficiency, IT implementation projects, cultural change processes and organizational restructuring projects can run concurrently in one organization at a point in time. This can put extreme demands on employees, who can either act as a barrier or catalyst for successful change initiatives. Organizational change requires a fundamental different approach to organizational processes than the traditional approach of management. Managers and leaders have to decide on the direction of change and guide their organization through the process of transition.

The Change Management module provided the knowledge and understanding of the major principles underlying successful change management initiatives. It also prepared the participants for the challenges of designing and leading organizational change and renewal.

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