Introduction weeks Master in Management and Full-time MBA: off to a good start of the study!


Monday, 26 September 2022 was the day to kick off the new MSM academic year and welcome MSM’s new Master in Management, Full-time MBA and Online MBA students.

The Master in Management (MM) and Full-time MBA students are the first groups to start their study at MSM's new location with Maastricht University School of Business and Economics at Tapijn Maastricht.

Once more, we welcomed a diverse mix of students starting their journey at MSM. The Master in Management group consists of 28 students with 15 nationalities, the 45 Full-time MBA students are coming from 24 different countries, and the Online MBA group consists of 19 participants with 15 nationalities.

The Online MBA group started their study with the introductory Business Communications course. For the Master in Management and Full-time MBA students the welcome day marked the start of their two-week introduction programme full of workshops, introductory sessions and teambuilding activities.

As the MM and Full-time MBA students will spend the coming year at MSM in Maastricht, the introduction weeks provided the ultimate opportunity to get to know each other, to be introduced to key contact persons at MSM, to find the way around their study location at Tapijn and to discover the city of Maastricht.

The introduction weeks also offered workshops to develop personal skills that will help the students during their study, like presentation skills, self-awareness, stress and time management, and improvisation skills. There was also a special day dedicated to Sustainability and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to make the students aware of these and to introduce them to the SDG challenges, that they can take part in during their studies.

As the students will often have to work together in group assignments, team-building is an important element of the introduction weeks. During several occasions, the students practiced their team working skills, but on the last day of the introduction weeks, the team building exercises were taken to the next level. In an outdoor team-building event, the students had to work together in teams in different challenging games.

Now the students are fully prepared to start their Master in Management and MBA courses and we wish them a successful and fun study period at MSM!