Developing and utilising Personal Leadership Skills to create a collaborative work environment.


On Monday 18 September 2023, Dr. Geert Heling – Professor of Organisational Behaviour at MSM – kicked off the Short Executive Programme on Personal Leadership Skills. This 5-day programme is designed for (potential) team leaders to enhance their personal leadership and management style, enabling them to deal effectively with vision, power and influence.

For Mr. Giuseppe Danesi (Italy) the programme was a real eye-opener: “The Personal Leadership Skills programme has completely exceeded my expectations. I am very grateful to have had the chance to participate. The programme provided me with the right toolbox to use in my professional and private life.

According to Dr. Heling you can never be a good leader of others if you cannot lead yourself: “Being aware of who you are. Your strengths, your weaknesses, your style, your personality, your values, as if you are a instrument. What kind of music can you play? Whether you are a violin or a trumpet, that makes a huge difference of course, but it is all about playing the right music.”

Mr. Giuseppe was very positive about the way Dr. Heling delivered the programme: “Thanks to Dr. Heling, who by the way is a phenomenal speaker, I have gained valuable insights into different arguments, which vary from what type of leader you want to be , to power and influence, engagement and mindset and so on. The programme is very interactive and there is never a dull moment. I am very sure that the leadership skills programme will have a terrific impact on my job and will lay the foundation for future leadership roles.”

Dr. Heling explained that the knowledge gained in the Personal Leadership Skills programme has an impact on your personal life as well: “In the programme we focus on things like the aspects that are valuable for each individual. In that respect, the programme is quite flexible. We discuss what the participants are doing in the context of their work, their organisation, but this will of course also have consequences for their private life. Participants can use the things they learn also in other aspects of their life. So it is very important  to actively participate in the programme.”

About the programme
To effectively manage, develop and lead others, you have to be able to manage, develop and lead yourself. Leading yourself means knowing who you are, and understanding how you act in different interactions and situations. Developing your personal leadership style/values is a central theme throughout this programme. It offers a combination of theoretical concepts and practical exercises and can be adapted based on the input of the participants.

Do you want to join the Personal Leadership Skills programme?
The next programme will run from 16 – 20 September 2024. Click here for more information about the programme and how to apply.

About MSM’s Short Executive Programmes
Today’s rapidly changing societies and economies demand the most from organisations, leaders, managers and professionals. MSM’s Short Executive Programmes for emerging markets are developed to achieve a successful and sustainable transformation of both individuals and organisations to support local economic development and business management.

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