Designing and Managing Investment Projects with skill and precision


“During the Project Management programme, I gained insights into how to design relevant projects and keep them feasible and sustainable. It was a great learning experience! “where the words of Ms. Zain Abulalhaj from Jordan on the last day of MSM’s Short Executive (blended) Project Management programme. The programme started with an online part of four weeks, followed by seven day-s face-to-face training at our campus in Maastricht.

Ms. Lugein Ali Abdullah (from Iraq) applied for the programme as she recently shifted her career path from pharmacy to project management: “I felt the need for an academic education to enhance my knowledge and skills in business management. Also, since it's in direct contact with my future ambitions of running my own business. Lastly, it was to meet and connect with people from different countries and backgrounds to have a better understanding of the possibilities in the project management sector.”

Ms. Abualhaj decided to apply for the programme regarding the importance of gaining project management skills within the sector she is active in: “I joined the Project Management course to learn effective techniques during project implementation and build stronger proposals for new projects, especially in the Water, sanitation, and hygiene (WaSH) sector where I work as a project manager.”

According to Ms. Abdullah, the best part of the programme was the group assignment: “The group assignment was truly enjoyable and a mind-opening activity because we, as a group, come from different countries, have different jobs, and hold different perspectives. All of this together made it delightful and informative for me.

About the Project Management programme
The capacity to design and manage projects is a critical skill to access funding sources in the modern global economy. Nowadays, project managers are expected to have a broad understanding of project design and management related issues. They need to have a basic understanding of the criteria for initiating, planning, implementing and closing effective projects, and be multi-skilled in order to effectively tackle the challenges of private sector projects of today. With this in mind, Mr. Rui Miguel Santos developed the Short Executive Programme on Project Management. Through this short executive programme, participants develop the skills, knowledge and essential techniques for successful, cost-effective management of both large- and small-scale projects.

Ms. Abdullah was very positive about the way Mr. Santos delivered the content: “I am very impressed with Mr. Rui’s leadership and knowledge. He is a true inspiration and I wIll benefit greatly from his expertise. During the lessons, I took many notes and considered each story as a valuable lesson for my future career.“

Would you like to join the Project Management programme as well?
The next programme will take place from 02 September - 28 October 2024. Click here for more information about the programme and how to apply.

About MSM’s Short Executive Programmes
Today’s rapidly changing societies and economies demand the most from organisations, leaders, managers and professionals. MSM’s Short Executive Programmes for emerging markets are developed to achieve a successful and sustainable transformation of both individuals and organisations to support local economic development and business management.

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