Decision Making Tools: an eye-opening module for the full-time MBA students


Recently the full-time MBA students completed their Decision Making Tools module provided by Dr. Khaled Wahba. Dr. Wahba teaches several MBA courses at MSM, such as Digital Transformation, Decision Making Tools, and Research Methods.

For current full-time MBA student Amrapali Thakur, who always struggled with Statistics, the sessions were extremely engaging and interactive. “The passion of Dr. Khaled Wahba for data analysis is contagious, which motivated me to concentrate and learn. He provided detailed explanations of the concepts and shared helpful annotations throughout the course. The assignment enriched the entire learning experience. A big Thank You to Khaled Wahba for making this difficult subject so interesting!”.

During the module, the students learned the meaning and fundamentals of statistics and even why statistics is named statistics. The course helped the students to appreciate the importance of understanding statistics as the foundation of all other techniques such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning. The module has also been a real eye opener to all the students of how they look at their personal, and professional reality from the lenses of statistical tools. During the hands-on lessons, the students also practiced and developed their skills by applying various decision-making tools. 

“It was exciting to learn how data-driven decisions are remarkably impacting day-to-day work” says Amrapali. “The scientific methods involved in data analysis will help me to make more informed decisions that can mitigate risks and optimize productivity. This module provided the knowledge of valuable tools in decision making and reinforced the importance of making informed decisions, amidst all the uncertainties.

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