Corporate governance compliance and impact on the financial performance of companies – online DBA defense


On 20 April 2021 Mr. Yehia El-Husseiny successfully defended his DBA thesis titled: Corporate Governance Compliance and Impact on the Financial Performance of Publicly Listed Companies in Egypt. The DBA defense took place in an online session.

“I gained a new skillset during my masters and doctorate studies at MSM. The learning, researching, and application of econometric models broadened my knowledge and mindset, and will aid me in serving my clients and in practicing my profession as a corporate governance specialist. I am sincerely grateful to my professors and supervisors. Their support and guidance helped me shape the goal and form of my doctorate. I am thankful to them all.”

About Dr. Yehia El-Husseiny’s research
Corporate governance has been rendered one of the most momentous topics mooted in the aftermath of the global financial crisis. Good corporate governance practices help in boosting investor confidence and reassuring shareholders that their capital is protected.

The board of directors has the ultimate authority and responsibility to provide stewardship, oversight and control, and to protect the rights of the shareholders. The board is the brain of the company. They play a pivotal role in governing the company and affecting its performance.

The findings from the doctorate research of Dr. El-Husseiny not only assert that corporate governance attributes have a significant positive impact on the financial performance of companies, but also suggest that the financial performance of the past should be pondered to control for endogeneity and the dynamic nature of corporate governance.

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