The impact of marketing technologies on the marketing return on investment – online DBA defense


On 16 March 2021, Mr. Markus Rach successfully defended his DBA thesis titled: The impact of marketing technologies on the marketing return on investment – A B2B perspective. The DBA defense took place in an online session.

“I have purposely decided for the MSM DBA program because of the flexibility of the program to fit into the schedule and travel requirements of management roles. Where needed, I had the backing of a very experienced academic supervisory team. Through this setup, my research was hardly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, which allowed me to still complete the DBA in minimum time.”

About Dr. Markus Rach’s research
“John Wanamaker once famously said, Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.” Following half a century of marketing technology investments, consuming up to 30% of marketing budgets, Dr. Rach set out to question the truth of this very statement in his DBA thesis.

As a result, it was demonstrated that organizations have to meet both structural and processual requirements to unlock the value of their technology investments. This includes a mutually accepted definition of the marketing return and enhancing the marketing scope and influence, particularly with regards to marketing related decision-making processes. Further, organizations must optimize the dissemination of marketing information into other relevant decision-making processes. Lastly, it is up to marketers themselves to redefine the scope of marketing, from the often-skewed focus on communication activities, to a holistic and return oriented corporate function. “If not, John Wanamaker’s statement will further dominate the marketing stereotype.”

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