A Weekly Diary Study on the Relationship Between Employee Voice and Leader Identity: DBA defense


On 26 April 2022 Mr. Sultan Sabr successfully defended his DBA thesis titled “Don’t Take it Personal: A Weekly Diary Study on the Relationship Between Employee Voice and Leader Identity.”

About the research of Dr. Sabr
Leaders need a sense of identification with their roles to lead their teams effectively. A strong leader identity encourages leaders to learn and apply new skills; which, in turn, further strengthens their leader identity resulting in more learning and more growth. This developmental process of leader identity depends on feedback to leaders’ performance, which can be formal or informal feedback.

Dr. Sabr explored how leaders perceive employee voice, which is a voluntary behaviors aims to improve the workplace, as informal feedback, and how it affected their leader identity. The study also takes cross-cultural differences into account, so it relied on a highly diversified sample of leaders and their subordinates from 3 Saudi Arabian companies who answered several surveys during a 4-week diary study.

It was found that employee voice indeed influences leaders identity, and that cross-cultural differences can affect this influence. The findings uniquely contribute to leadership research and literature as the relationship between leader identity and employee voice is studied for the first time and on a sample of mature and practicing leaders. Also, the study has profound practical contributions that can be adopted in modern workplaces and in leadership training programs to further enhance leader identity and to increase leadership effectiveness.

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