DBA defense: Developing a Model for Innovative Companies in Iran Electric Power Industry Business Ecosystem


On 21 April 2022 Mr. Ehsan Fakkar successfully defended his DBA thesis titled “Developing a Model for Innovative Companies in Iran Electric Power Industry Business Ecosystem”.

About the research of Dr. Fakkar
Innovative business management in the non-innovative business ecosystem brings fundamental changes to a business model's key elements. The notation and contextual concepts have emerged by employing a mixed method. The qualitative method identified enablers and barriers to business models. The thematic analyses, the ISM, and the IRP were applied to derive the themes, the levelling, and the interrelationships among the parameters. A quantitative method was deployed to determine the relationship between the broad concepts and assess the statistical aspects of the model by using SEM and PLS.

The research of Dr. Fakkar explored business model considerations that demonstrate how methods are recruited and how the performance of a business ecosystem is impacted. Furthermore, it revealed significant direct effects of innovative firm management capabilities and customer acceptance of competitive advantages. The Guerrilla Business Model is defined to protect and deal with business environment risks. The findings confirmed the model's validity. The model components will lead to convergence with all dependent and independent elements in the businesses.

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