DBA defense: The impact of Relationship Marketing on Customer Loyalty in Kuwaiti Banks


On 28 March 2022 Ms. Sheena Ray Thomas successfully defended her DBA thesis titled “The impact of Relationship Marketing on Customer Loyalty in Kuwaiti Banks: A comparative study between conventional and Islamic Banks.”

About the research of Dr. Thomas
Kuwait is as an oil rich Islamic country in the Middle East where both conventional and Islamic banks coexist. The main difference between the two is that conventional banks charge interest, whereas it is unlawful to charge interest in Islamic banks. Though Islamic banking is gaining momentum in Kuwait, the conventional banking system is a notch ahead.

According to researchers, the impact of different RM variables and its pathway to customer loyalty has not been thoroughly explored. The findings of the research of Dr. Thomas will enrich the relationship marketing literature as it is a novel study. It will also help bank managers and bank policy makers to formulate and implement effective strategies that can result in improved business performance.

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