DBA defense - An assessment of the impact of social capital, personal passion, and attitude toward entrepreneurial behavioral intentions


On 16 March 2022 Ms. Eman Almousawi successfully defended her DBA thesis titled "An Assessment of the Impact of Social Capital, Personal Passion, and Attitude Toward Entrepreneurial Behavioral Intentions: A Case of Potential Entrepreneurs in Kuwait."

About the research of Dr. Almousawi
Entrepreneurship became a globally growing topic as the next step for social and economic development. Quitting the governmental job and starting a new business became a significant issue for Kuwait's economy's growth. 

The results of Dr. Almousawi’s research bring new insights into how entrepreneurship should be seen and practiced in Kuwait and will help the government authorities, policymakers, researchers, and educators to understand potential Kuwaiti entrepreneurs. The results will also design better policies and programs, and improve the entrepreneurial process and ecosystem in Kuwait.

The research contributed to the existing literature by examining the relationship between critical personal and social factors influencing attitude and entrepreneurial intentions, which often have been studied separately. This research discusses the relationships between these factors within the state of Kuwait.

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