Authentic leadership and followers’ job performance – online DBA defense


On 3 March 2022 Mr. Sherif Shedid Abdelreheem successfully defended his DBA thesis titled: Authentic leadership and followers’ job performance - The influence of organizational identification, in an online session.

About the research of Dr. Abdelreheem
The research of Dr. Abdelreheem empirically examined how the components of authentic leadership—self-awareness, internalised moral perspective, balanced information processing, and relational transparency—are associated with followers’ job performance. By relying on social identification, the research investigated whether organisational identification moderates this relationship.

To test the hypotheses, multilevel data analysis was performed on a sample of 76 leaders and 208 followers from 12 organisations representing the public and private sectors. The results showed that authentic leadership has a positive relationship with followers’ job performance. Relatedly, the study also found that organisational identification moderates this relationship. Lastly, the paper discusses the theoretical and practical contributions in the light of the findings.

“The Doctor of Business Administration from MSM was a major milestone for my work and personal life. As I am occupying an executive position in my company, the program helped me a lot in expanding my knowledge about leadership which is important for the success of any organization.”

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