DBA defense: Why stockout and expiration of medicines occur - the case of Uganda


On 9 March 2022 Mr. Albert Kalangwa successfully defended his DBA thesis titled: Why stockout and expiration of medicines occur - the case of Uganda, in an online session.

About the research of Dr. Kalangwa
According to WHO, in 2018 two billion people had no access to basic medicines, causing a cascade of preventable misery and suffering which disproportionately affect Low- and Middle- Income Countries (LMICs). The research of Dr. Kalangwa explored why stockout and expiration of medicines occur in Uganda, a Low-income country.

“I found that performance of health supply chains is shaped by stockout and stock expiration, which are more common in public health supply chains and low-level health facilities. Efforts to improve performance of health supply chains in LMICs should be directed at shared benefits, supply chain relationships, government guidelines, Information Technology, warehousing and inventory management, and order processing,” shared Dr. Kalangwa.

According to his research, performance of the health supply chain in Uganda could be improved through 1) review of mandate of the National Medical Stores; 2) leveraging the private sector, 3) financial tracking; and 4) aligning departmental strategic plans and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Dr. Kalangwa described the DBA at MSM as a life changing experience. “I had the best coaches guiding me to unpack and design a solution to a problem I understood best. At the end, I am confident to tackle new business challenges that may emerge and contribute new knowledge to influence management practice.”

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