DBA defense: Emerging Markets and Multinational Operations Subsidiary Local Responsiveness to Institutional Contexts


On 21 March 2022 Mr. Yasser Mosaad successfully defended his DBA thesis titled “Emerging Markets and Multinational Operations Subsidiary Local Responsiveness to Institutional Contexts: Evidence from the Middle East”, in an online session.

About the research of Dr. Mosaad
Emerging markets provide multiple growth opportunities for multinational corporations (MNCs) based on their untapped opportunities and continuous above-average growth rate. Many MNCs have reported rapid growth as a result of their operations in emerging markets. However, emerging markets also present a range of challenges that lack analogs in developed economies, such as weak institutional environments.

Institutions act as market intermediaries, facilitating business transactions and reducing transaction costs. Institutional weaknesses promote uncertainty, decrease the capacity to plan efficiently, and elevate business risks. In that respect, many relevant insights can be gleaned from studies focused on China and India. However, as one of the most promising regions, the Middle East has not yet received enough scholarly attention commensurate with its vast resources. The research of Dr. Mosaad addresses the level of institutional development and assesses the most significant factor that MNCs can use to influence subsidiaries' effectiveness.

The results of structural equation modelling and multiple regression analysis show a strong positive and statistically significant relationship between local responsiveness and subsidiary effectiveness, compared to the impact of market exchange voids, political and social systems, and openness. These findings demonstrate that digital transformation and government efforts have eroded many institutional voids. The research of Dr. Mosaad provides insight regarding improving subsidiaries' performance and offers guidance to MNCs seeking to expand into the Middle East.

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