I graduated, what's next? - Juan Watanabe


Before our students turn into alumni, they do one last thing here at Maastricht School of Management. They write a letter to themselves. A “one year after letter” to be exact, where they write down what they expect of the upcoming year. Now a year has passed and our alumni received their “letter to themselves” in the mail. Did their expectations come true? We asked and our alumni answered.

This time Juan Watanabe from Peru shares his experience. He is an MBA alumnus from the 2017/2018 academic year and moved to Groningen after graduating from MSM.

“I chose for the specialization in International Business and Sustainable development during the MBA at MSM because I wanted to learn how to use my current skillset in a more sustainable way. I’m a drilling engineer and I was convinced that my skills in engineering and project management could be applied not only in the petroleum business but also in a more sustainable business. In the Netherlands they have this possibility by using sustainable resources such as geothermal wells in greenhouses and for heating. 

Therefore once I finished my MBA I moved to Groningen which is in the north of the Netherlands to start working at Well Engineering Partners B.V. (WEP) and implement my newly gained knowledge. At WEP I work as a well/drilling engineer and I’m involved in a project to drill geothermal and salt wells. Through my work I see how WEP uses the technology used in drilling operations for petroleum wells to develop renewable and sustainable resources.

Working and learning about this industry is what I came to the Netherlands and followed an MBA for.

Also the Dutch way of doing things appealed to me. When I came to the Netherlands I expected efficient use of time, speaking frankly, straight to the point communication and that everything would be planned well. And to be honest my expectations have been met. I enjoy the Dutch way of living. As Erin Meyer said “In the Netherlands prevails the low-context and direct negative feedback” which I consider as a gift, dankjewel.

So, now one year after graduation I can happily say that I’m in a job that I wanted to be in.”

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