I graduated, what’s next? - Alain Mugabo


Before our students turn into alumni, they do one last thing here at Maastricht School of Management. They write a letter to themselves. A “one year after letter” to be exact, where they write down what they expect of the upcoming year. Now a year has passed and our alumni received their “letter to themselves” in the mail. Did their expectations come true? We asked and our alumni answered.

Meet Alain Mugabo an MBA Alumnus from the 2017/2018 academic year. Alain originally hails from Rwanda, lived in Maastricht during his MBA at MSM and has now relocated to Germany. Let’s have a look at what he expected and what actually happened:

“Well, after graduation my expectations were not huge given that I relocated to Germany where I needed to learn the language. However, I’ve not been idle. A lot has happened regarding my personal and professional development after my MBA graduation in September 2018. My ambitions increased considerably.

So, where am I now? Currently I’m living and working in Bonn, Germany where I’m managing Diagnobox Africa (DBA). This is a start-up where we work on unlocking diagnostics capabilities in Africa.

Throughout the year, I have gathered several talents and resources. Factors that support me in the conceptualization of my social business idea. At the moment, I’m working with experts in the Social Impact Lab in Bonn. This organization is as an accelerator for start-ups. Like any start-up in the pre-launch phase, I’m facing many challenges regarding the financing. But, I’m positive that I close a partnership agreement with key partners in the near future.

To cut the story short, I’m collaborating with several key opinion leaders in Rwanda, so DBA can start its clinical operations there. My plan is that in the future, DBA will be a concrete partner to link patients with technologies such as telemedicine, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and flying robots. Rwanda is among a few countries in the world that embraces new technologies in practical areas such as the delivery of healthcare services. Thus, this is the first reason to choose Rwanda as the first country to run our business.

As it’s a start-up and we welcome new people and ideas, I would like to invite specialists in infectious diseases to join my small group that brainstorms on subjects of prediction modeling of no-communicable diseases (NCDs). This initiative can be seen as a pillar to create awareness of diseases and help patients learning to take preventive measures. So, if you are interested you can contact me at”

Through a Nuffic grant Alain had the opportunity to follow the MBA at Maastricht School of Management

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