Marketing Management: creating value for customers


“I am convinced that everything we have learned in the Marketing Management module will not only help us in business but also in everyday life. No matter in which sector we will work, it is certain that the critical analysis knowledge we learned will benefit us.”

This is how current Master in Management student Rayan Khiyara summarised the recently completed Marketing Management module. “The lessons learned during the module will help you to understand the way customers think and react when they buy a product or service. You will learn how their actions will benefit a business and how you can persuade them into buying from your business. From a social perspective, we could replace “customers” by “individuals” since this applies to life too.”

Rayan highlighted that she learned to see ads from a different perspective. “We often don't really pay attention and sometimes have a hard time understanding the message of an ad. During the classes we all gained a lot of experience in the critical analysis of ads. The lecturer also left a lot of room for discussion and reflection. For me, it didn’t really feel like a lecture but more like a conference. I believe this way of teaching was beneficial for the students.

In addition, and I may surprise you here, we learned to understand some cultures better. I think it is a huge asset for each of us to be part of a class with such a cultural diversity. I could see during some commercials that some of my classmates didn't always understand the message because they come from a different culture, so this is quite normal. It was precisely because of this cultural richness in the classroom that they were able to understand the message.”

Rayan also appreciates the study environment at Tapijn. “The Tapijnkazerne is very well located, which makes it easy for us to go to lunch or to go for a walk in the city centre. Besides, I find it very nice to be in contact with the students of Maastricht University with whom I can have great discussions.”

About the Marketing Management module
With today’s increasing competition, both on the local and domestic scene, every company has to carefully arrive at marketing decisions that will increase the value of its product and/or service offering in the eyes of its customers. This is not a one-time activity but an ongoing process for every company that would like to stay ahead of its competitors. Moreover, this is no longer a concern for only the marketing employees but also for all other employees in the company as their activities can, either directly or indirectly, have an impact on the company’s final offer on the market. Therefore, the aim of this module is to provide the students from diverse academic backgrounds and experiences with basic marketing skills that will enable them to understand the fundamental processes which companies go through in order to create value for their customers with the aim of retaining and building long-term relationships with customers.

More specifically, the module deals with:
1) Obtaining knowledge on customer needs, wants and the competitive environment, and capturing customer value for the firm.
2) Creating products and/or services that meet the needs of the customers through the design of a customer-driven marketing strategy and the development of an integrated marketing mix.
3) Attracting, selecting and retaining customers through the management of marketing communications and the proper coordination of all marketing efforts.
4) Delivering a company’s product and/or service to targeted customers.

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