Research Methods module in the Master in Management: a must for the modern manager


“This module was very useful for our future careers as it taught us how to do proper and complete research to solve a problem in the real world of business. In addition, the module did not only provide the knowledge to write the final thesis but also gave me comprehensive understanding on how to write an academic paper and how and where to start to solve business problems academically.”

This is how current Master in Management student Kimia Tannazi summarized the recently completed Research Methods module as part of the Master in Management programme. “Research Methods is a module in which you will get acquainted with various research methods. We learned quantitative and qualitative methods, as well as the method of data gathering and analysis, and finally how to achieve a comprehensive and complete result. The module begins by choosing a topic or stating a problem in the industry or business world.”

Kimia appreciated the fact that the Research Methods module gave her the tools to face a question or problem at the workplace, and can now answer questions like: “How should we solve it fundamentally? What kind of data do we need? How should we collect this data? How reliable is the collected data? Has anyone faced this problem or question before? How should this data be analysed? And finally, how to reach a correct conclusion.”

Kimia also highlighted the teaching compassion of the lecturer, Ms. Terry Kakeeto-Aelen. “Terry taught us as if she is going to be the supervisor of each one of us. She also invited two alumni to share their experiences and answer our questions. She invited all the students to participate in the class and did not allow anyone to be inactive in it, which made a course like research methods, which may be too theoretical in the opinion of some, become a dynamic class. Furthermore, she constantly exchanged ideas with the students and also involved them in all the educational processes. The students helped each other a lot in choosing the subject because some of them have an engineering background and were not familiar with some management concepts. Or some did not know where or how to start choosing the subject for their thesis. Working and discussing in the group helped a lot of students understand their favorite subject and start studying in that field.”

Not only does Kimia enjoy the learning experience, she is also excited to study at the Tapijn campus. “Every morning we face a beautiful nature including the presence of animals such as ducks and deers. These surroundings are very energising, joyful and interesting. In addition, the administrative team is very professional and friendly and they try to help the students in every case. It will definitely be an unforgettable experience with a lot of achievements for us. Thanks, MSM team, for providing this atmosphere!”

About the Research Methods module
Managers continuously make decisions on a great variety of issues. Research helps them to define and diagnose these issues and to find options to solve them. Think about market research on consumer preferences, research on the perceived work-life balance by employees, a risk-benefit analysis of a new foreign investment, or research on how to green a supply chain. Such research can be conducted by the firm’s research department, trainees or external consultancy firms. Being able to design, manage and critically assess research projects is therefore a must for the modern manager.

This module provided an introduction to research methodology in management and business studies through lectures and practical assignments. As such, this module aimed at transferring academic research methods knowledge and skills through “learning-by-doing”. Moreover, the module introduced the students to the academic writing conventions, which is relevant as MSM students will write many papers and assignments. They also have to submit an academic thesis at the end of the year.

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