In the classroom: A student's perspective on the first three courses of the Master in Management 2023


The last few weeks, the Master in Management students kicked-off their Master in Management experience with three courses; Managing Cultural Diversity, Entrepreneurship & Innovation and Marketing Management. In this blog, current Master in Management student Allan Hernandez Ibarra from Mexico shares with you how he is experiencing the programme, studying at the Tapijnkazerne campus and what his key learning outcomes have been so far.

Course highlights

“Tackling Managing Cultural Diversity truly opened my eyes to the challenges and benefits of working with international cultures, which, coming from Mexico, I wouldn't have been able to experience otherwise. The Entrepreneurship & Innovation course was particularly stimulating, offering valuable insights into what is really needed to launch a business, including the associated difficulties. I realised the importance of covering numerous aspects to develop a robust business plan, something I was previously unaware of. In Marketing Management, learning about the strategic elements behind building a brand and engaging customers was incredible. We understood the fundamentals of advertising and the essentials of making a product sell.

Key learning outcomes 

I've come to truly appreciate the richness that diversity brings to a business setting and have learned practical ways to leverage it. The insights into cultural diversity will be crucial for effectively collaborating with and understanding international teams and clients. The Entrepreneurship & Innovation course provided me with the essential tools to evaluate market opportunities and innovate effectively. The entrepreneurial skills will be invaluable, whether contributing to my organisation’s innovation efforts or in initiating my own projects. My Marketing coursework has laid a solid foundation for strategically addressing market challenges. A strong grasp of marketing principles is critical and will surely enhance my capacity to make impactful business decisions and to comprehend how companies advertise their brands and products, an aspect I previously overlooked. 

The interaction with the lecturers was a blend of formal instruction and engaging dialogue, along with the application of real cases, which made the learning process very dynamic. Working alongside classmates from various professional backgrounds greatly enriched the experience and broadened my perspective.

Studying at the Tapijnkazerne campus

The Tapijnkazerne campus is the perfect setting for study. The combination of historic and modern ambiance creates an exceptional learning atmosphere. With top-notch campus facilities, such as the convenience of coffee shops at every corner, clean bathrooms, and excellent printers, it's an ideal place for both concentrated solo study and collaborative group projects.”

About the Managing Cultural Diversity course
This course focuses on managing cultural diversity in the global business context. Its aim is to provide students with a conceptual and practical understanding of the role of culture and diversity in the achievement of an organisation’s strategy, with specific attention to the complexity of managing people both in diverse cross-cultural and international environments.

About the Entrepreneurship & Innovation course
Traditionally, an entrepreneur has been defined as someone who organises resources and manages a business with considerable initiative and risk. Rather than working as an employee, an entrepreneur creates a venture and assumes all the risks and rewards associated with that business venture. The entrepreneur is a business leader and innovator of new ideas and related business processes.

In the 21st Century, we have expanded the definition of "entrepreneurship" to include how and why creative individuals (or teams) are capable of identifying opportunities, evaluating them as viable, and then deciding to exploit them by converting those opportunities into products, services, businesses, and even new industries while creating added value and wealth along the way. In contrast, others do not manage to do this.

About the Marketing Management course
In today’s increasing competition both on the local and domestic scene, every company has to carefully arrive at marketing decisions that will increase the value of its product and/or service offering in the eyes of its customers. This is not a one-time activity but an ongoing process for every company that would like to stay ahead of its competitors.

Moreover, this is no longer a concern for only the marketing employees but also for all other employees in the company as their activities can, either directly or indirectly, have an impact on the company’s final offer on the market. Therefore, the aim of this course is to provide students from diverse academic backgrounds and experiences with basic marketing skills that will enable them to understand the fundamental processes which companies go through in order to create value for their customers with the aim of retaining and building long- term relationships with customers.

Click here for the course description of each course in the Master in Management.

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