Introduction weeks Master in Management and full-time MBA: hitting the ground running


Monday, 25 September 2023, marked the start of the new Academic Year at Maastricht School of Management for the Master in Management and full-time MBA students.

We welcomed a diverse cohort of aspiring business leads and change agents in both programmes. The full-time MBA group consists of 39 participants representing 14 different nationalities. Similarly, the Master in Management group consists of 32 participants hailing from 12 different nationalities.

To ensure that the new participants are well-prepared for the full-time MBA and Master in Management programmes, both groups embarked on an immersive two-week introduction programme. This orientation period will serve as an invaluable foundation for the students to acclimate themselves to the Tapijnkazerne campus, get to know their fellow classmates but also to learn more about the available academic resources.

In addition, the two-week introduction programme included many interactive workshops on presentation skills, first impressions and stereotyping, stress and time management and CV writing. Also, a dedicated day was organised to raise awareness among the students about Sustainability and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This event aimed to acquaint the students with the challenges posed by the SDGs, which they will actively engage with throughout their academic journey. The introduction programme concluded with a full day teambuilding event, as working together for group assignments is a vital part of both programmes.

New Master in Management student Nitika Zacharia described the introduction programme as an amazing start. “Not only have I been able to meet all my new friends, I have also got to meet some of my lecturers. The introduction weeks really gave us time to settle in”.

Full-time MBA student Rohan Xavier totally agrees. “I have had a lot of fun. I come from a technical background so I have never been able to experience any of these teambuilding activities, building connections, an introduction to presentation skills and so on. I also got to meet my fellow classmates from various cultures who take with them many diverse perspectives, which is definitely going to help me expand my horizon. I am looking forward to a great year ahead.”

While the full-time MBA and Master in Management students embark on this enriching journey, we extend our best wishes for a successful and enjoyable year ahead.