Full-time MBA Marketing in the Global Context module: navigating the complexities of global marketing


“The Marketing in the Global Context module as part of the full-time MBA has equipped me with the tools I need to succeed in the global marketplace. The marketing module provided me with increased awareness and understanding of the cultural nuances that impact marketing decisions in different parts of the world, improved my ability to analyse and develop effective global marketing strategies, and enhanced my skills in presenting and communicating complex ideas and techniques to others.”

This said current full-time MBA student Johanna Galindo Ruiz after successfully completing the module. “I gained valuable knowledge and skills for navigating the complexities of global marketing. During the module we learned about the differences that can affect marketing strategies in different regions of the world, analysed case studies of global marketing campaigns and discussed the factors that contributed to their success or failure. Through this, I have developed a mind-set which can now understand and shape marketing strategies in a global context.”

Johanna emphasises that the lessons learned will definitely help her in her professional career as she is planning to launch her own digital platform in the near future. “I need to shape a strong marketing plan and execution skills. With the increasing globalisation of business, understanding the cultural and societal factors that can affect consumer behaviour and purchasing decisions, is becoming more critical than ever. The knowledge and skills I gained in this module will allow me to create more effective marketing strategies that resonate with a global audience and will help me to provide the target audience with a strong value proposition.”

Johanna also highlights the guest lectures and the company visit as extremely valuable experiences. “Hearing directly from professionals working in or with global marketing provided valuable insights and real-world examples that complemented the concepts we learned in the class. The visit to Vita Talalay was also an excellent opportunity to see how global marketing strategies are implemented in a real-world setting.”

“Studying at the Tapijnkazerne is a great experience," adds Johanna. “The campus is located in a beautiful part of Maastricht. The facilities are modern and well maintained, and the faculty and staff are highly knowledgeable and supportive. The classes are also highly interactive, with plenty of opportunities for group work and discussion, which make the learning experience engaging and enjoyable.”

About the Marketing in the Global Context module
This module seeks to introduce students to both conceptual tools and practical realities of marketing within globalising business environments. Through using cases and examples from various countries, students gain insights on effective marketing practices and are challenged to apply ethical principles in 'real-world' contexts. The module zooms in on international marketing strategies practiced by multinational companies in manufacturing and service industries.

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