Full-time MBA Economics for Managers module: acquiring knowledge on microeconomics and macroeconomics concepts


“I have enjoyed the Economics for Managers module as it helped me to build a wider spectrum of tools and skills on how to evaluate a company but also a countries’ economy. The module also contributed to further develop the acquired knowledge from previous modules.”

This said Hana Ben Jemia Askri, current full-time MBA student, after completing the Economics for Managers module. “Having a technical background, the MSM-full-time MBA is a great learning curve during which I learn something new every day. This will be beneficial for my professional career and it unlocks the leader in me.”

Hana included that the module had many highlights for her. “The main highlights for me were understanding the various features of economics like demand, supply, market structures, growth, inflation and unemployment and how these impact a firms’ profitability but also the economy of a country.”

The lecturer also contributed to a great learning experience, said Hana. “Being very knowledgeable, Dr. Aad van Mourik made myself and my classmates appreciate economics. I now maybe even decide to specialise in this topic. There was a high level of explanation and the interaction was fluent and appreciable.” In addition, Hana highlighted the learning environment. “The Tapijnkazerne campus is very pleasant. All the green spaces contribute to ones mental health.”

About the Economics for Managers module
This module introduced the students to economics and studied the functioning of markets, both on a micro and macro level. On the microeconomic level, the behaviour of consumers, producers and firms was discussed. The students also got a better understanding of the process of price formation and output determination in various market structures. In addition, the lecturer taught about how costs influence a firm’s profitability. On the macroeconomic level, the class learned about the causes and consequences of economic fluctuations and economic growth and how the government might influence the economy to stimulate economic growth and to stabilise inflation and unemployment at acceptable levels.

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