A sneak peek in the life of our full-time MBA alumna Meroyi Adebowale


My name is Meroyi Adebowale Kemi from Nigeria. I completed the MSM full-time MBA programme in 2018. Before joining the MSM full-time MBA, I worked in non-profit organisations and governmental research institutes. Currently, I am the Director of a newly established NGO called Sabmer Charity and Empowerment Foundation which advocates for women’s and girl’s empowerment, their human rights and their freedom to take independent decisions.You can find more information about the non-profit organisation on the following website:

My time at MSM
I look back at my time at MSM as a lifetime opportunity that paved the way for me, both academically and career wise. My time at MSM shaped my life and gave me the chance to achieve many things. MSM offered me the opportunity to transform, not only through the real-life knowledge provided in the classes but also through the people I met.

My career path after graduation
After my graduation, I briefly went back to Nigeria for some tasks at the research institute I was working for in Nigeria. After some time, I came back to the Netherlands and worked in a non-profit organisation as a Central Office Administrator with the task of controlling all the countries in Europe where we have our branches. After working with them for 18 months, I went back to Nigeria to start a consulting organisation focusing on entrepreneurship promotion for women and youth across the six geo-political zones in Nigeria. Currently, I am the Chairman/Director of Sabmer Charity and Empowerment Foundation, an NGO that advocates for women and girl’s empowerment and inclusion policy through peaceful dialogue.

The full-time MBA helped me a great deal to accomplish everything I have achieved…
The name MSM has opened doors for me, as the institution is academically acknowledged worldwide. This has helped me a lot while meeting with organisations abroad for work but also in my current role. In addition, the research skills I developed in the full-time MBA really helped me in writing journals for publication.

"It is really great to be an MSM alumna
I still connect and network with my MSM colleagues across the globe"

Recently, you presented your research paper at the United Nations Human Rights Winter Forum 2022. Could you tell us a bit more about this?
The United Nations Human Rights Winter Forum 2022 was an event especially organized for WFWPI United Nations interns. The aim of the event was for intellectuals across the globe to network and work together for 2 months. At the end, we shared our research findings with the United Nations and its ECOSOC members. Five women from four continents were selected for the programme and l represented Africa (Nigeria). The articles can be found here.

About the paper…
My research paper was titled ‘Gender inequality and its impact on Women Empowerment in Nigeria’. The aim of the paper was to make us understand the issues of gender inequality and its impact on women empowerment in Nigeria, from a gender perspective.

The paper analyses why the gender gap is still persisting in Nigeria, citing inhibiting factors against gender equality as the main cause. The article pointed out and brings to light, the need to advocate for acquisition of more formal/informal education for women and girls through the creation of more vocational skill centers in local communities in Nigeria. The article also advocates for a more inclusion policy through the clamour for political seats for women in Nigeria. It is widely asserted that discrimination, threat, violence, intimidation, and abuse of women rights were cited as real problems facing the achievement of gender equality in Nigeria and the paper seeks more advocacy on these challenges. The overall emphasis of the paper lies on achieving gender equality and the need for men to acknowledge the importance of women for economic growth. The expected outcome of the research paper is to enable an environment for women through government policies that favour gender equality. All stakeholders are required to embrace gender equality and to see the empowerment of women as a fundamental human right.

"The topic of the publication is very important to me because it addresses the issues women and girls face in Nigeria, especially in relation to the denial of their fundamental human rights." 

My future goal…
My future goal is to be able to impact more lives positively, especially enabling more positive environments for women in developing nations but also globally. I intend to work for the United Nations as its delegate in Africa representing advocacy for fundamental human rights of women and girls. I would also like to publish more journals. Actually, a new journal on ‘Safe Spaces for Women and Girls’,  which l co-authored with five other ladies from five continents, is recently published. It has been circulated in more than ten countries and printed in five languages. Click here to have a look at the journal.

My advice to current and future MSM students…
Go beyond your limits and go the extra mile! Only this way you can become the very best.

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