In the classroom: A student’s perspective on the Master in Management courses in 2024


The beginning of 2024 saw the Master in Management students diving into two courses: Strategy and Planning, and Data Analytics. In this blog, Ngurah Kalyana from Indonesia shares how she experienced the courses and what her key learning outcomes have been. Additionally, she provides insights into her experience of studying at the Tapijnkazerne campus.

Course highlights

“The modules consisted of several highlights but the ones that caught my interest the most are the internal and external analysis of a business from the Strategy and Planning course, and the storytelling of data gathered in business within a statistical approach from the Data Analytics course. The essence of them is to know both the strengths and opportunities in business management. Each of them enhanced my qualitative and quantitative skills in managerial know-how and will therefore be valuable assets to my career.”

Key learning outcomes

“For me, the key learning outcomes of both modules involve the ability to conduct the practical application of the lessons learned. This consists of strategic thinking to make a decision with a holistic approach and the collaboration with other stakeholders and parties necessary as consensual data shows the connection to do so. As managerial skills are based on the fundamental theory studied and practiced by previous scholars and practitioners, it makes me realise what the experts do and excel at.

The most important lesson learned is the strategic decision making. I believe these two modules will be a foundation to make decisions in my professional career. The Strategy and Planning module helped me to better understand the nature and environment of a business. Data Analytics helped me to make more consensual decisions based on the quantitative approach.

I also enjoyed the interaction with the lecturers. Both lecturers were open for discussion, whether in class or outside the classroom. They also answered the questions with a lot of practical examples based on their own experience. My fellow class mates also contribute a lot to my study experience as their questions are often out-of-the-box and broaden my horizon even more.”

Studying at the Tapijnkazerne campus

“Studying at the Tapijnkazerne campus was and is such a great experience because of the perfect studying atmosphere. With great infrastructure in the classroom, the learning process is fun and enjoyable. The campus itself is calm and quiet and not too crowded, and the ratio of scholars to campus size is very great, making the learning conducive. Also, the location is perfect as it is within walking distance of the city centre making it wonderful, especially for foreign students, as it offers the city landscape which brings peace of mind when the stress of studying affects the students."

About the Strategy and Planning course
Strategy and Planning builds an overview of the strategic planning and management process, studies the main elements of the process in practice, places strong emphasis on strategic analysis and choice, develops a thorough understanding of generic strategies and how they might be pursued by different business types; and concludes presenting processes of evaluation, measurement and control. Each part of the course is animated through modern pertinent case studies investigating issues for corporations operating domestically and globally.

About the Data Analytics course
This course aims to help participants expand their knowledge of applied data analytics and how to collect and analyse data for optimising a player, a team, an opponent and for the daily business of a club. The need for such education is based on the belief that good decisions need to be backed by good analysis – Data Driven Decision Making (DDDM). By bringing together the most widely used approaches for data collection and analysis opportunities, the course enables participants to compare methodologies and to select the best-suited to address the issues at hand.

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