In the classroom: A student's perspective on the Master in Management courses


The Master in Management students have made significant progress in navigating through their curriculum. Over the past few weeks, they have engaged with their fourth and fifth module, delving into Research Methods and Supply Chain Management. In this blog, Kaitlyn Trinh from Vietnam provides insights into her experience with the programme, highlights the key moments thus far, and shares her perspective on studying at the Tapijnkazerne campus.

Course highlights

“When it comes to these modules, I found the Research Methods class with Professor Terry Kakeeto-Aelen to be quite engaging. Professor Kakeeto-Aelen went the extra mile by inviting an alumnus to provide insights into their thesis writing process. I personally found this presentation incredibly helpful, as the alumnus shared practical and noteworthy advice. In addition, professor Kakeeto’s approach was exceptionally attentive, and she dedicated herself to providing us with in-depth answers and valuable advice for our questions. While some of the theories could be quite dense, she fostered a lively and inclusive classroom atmosphere. Her understanding and regular check-ins to ensure we were keeping pace with her teaching style made her classes truly enjoyable.”

The Supply Chain Management course provided the students with the theory as a start for their Supply Chain Management project. “I am looking forward to the upcoming semester because we will be embarking on a challenging yet exciting group company project. This hands-on experience is something I am eagerly anticipating, as it goes beyond just learning theories in a classroom setting. It is a chance for me to gain practical experience in the field.

Professor Joris Stadhouders deserves special appreciation for his patience in simplifying complex theories for our understanding. His lectures were not only informative but also captivating, thanks to his evident passion for the subject matter. Despite the extended duration of his lessons, he delivered essential and insightful knowledge. His ability to convey the material with clarity was very commendable, and he always made time to address any uncertainties we might have. I really enjoyed his classes and teaching methods.”

Key learning outcomes

“The main takeaways from these two modules have been distinct for me. In the case of Research Methods, it provided a valuable opportunity to revisit the fundamentals of doing research, which is crucial preparation for thesis writing. This knowledge refresh was particularly important.

On the other hand, the Supply Chain course offered a unique opportunity to explore a new area of interest. It was especially noteworthy for those of us who had not previously encountered this subject. This course served as an intriguing introduction and opened up new possibilities for those who may be considering it as a potential thesis topic or a future career path. Personally I believe that the Supply Chain course holds significant potential to benefit my professional career. It has sparked a newfound interest in me, and I am contemplating the possibility of pursuing this field for my future career. Additionally, the upcoming hands-on consultancy project with companies presents an excellent learning opportunity. It will enable me to put into practice the knowledge I have gained, bridging the gap between theory and real-world application. This practical experience will not only deepen my understanding of Supply Chain fundamentals but also provides valuable insights and experience that will enhance my professional career prospects.”

Studying at the Tapijnkazerne campus

From my perspective, the Tapijnkazerne is a small yet very cozy campus. It boasts easy accessibility, making it a breeze to find our way to classrooms. Its close connection to nature provides a wonderful opportunity to take a brisk walk and refresh our minds during breaks from our intense lessons. Furthermore, the classrooms are equipped with modern technology that enriches our learning journey.

About the Research Methods course
This course provides an introduction to research methodology in management and business studies through lectures and practical assignments. As such, this course aims at transferring academic research methods knowledge and skills through “learning-by-doing”. Moreover, the course introduces students to the academic writing conventions, which is relevant as MSM students will write many papers and assignments. They also have to submit an academic thesis at the end of their study. The final examination of the course is the submission of the Research Proposal.

About the Supply Chain Management course
This course provides concepts, models and methods that are important for the design, control, operation, and management of global supply chains in a dynamic world. The course introduces frameworks and approaches that cannot only be used to describe and analyse supply chain strategies. An important component of the course is a practical assignment related to a company.

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