Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Diploma
    Certificate (diploma optional)
  • Mode
  • Course date
    02-06 Dec 2019
  • Duration
    5 days

Contributing to economic and social development

The Corporate Social Responsibility program mainly targets participants from non-European countries and/or NGOs who are active in these countries.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) can be seen as an example of what in general terms is stated by Business Ethics. Ethics deal with values, norms and standards that we - both individually and collectively - apply to our behavior and our activities. In a global society the debate about these values, norms and standards is essential in order to (prosperously) co-exist and contribute to a life worth living. An open dialogue is also - if not predominantly - required for the economic arena, where different stakeholders might have different views on the responsibilities of corporations, investors, governments and the civil society.

This program will provide you with the theoretical and practical CSR skills. You will explore the different theoretical aspects of CSR and learn how to apply the concepts to the practice of your own organization.

Did you know that you can combine this course with the Value Chain Analysis course which will run the week after? Combining these two courses will save you up to a maximum of  €500,-
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