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Diederik de Boer

Associate Professor Sustainable Business Development/Director International Projects and Consultancies

Diederik s Director of the International Projects and Consultancies Department and Associate Professor Sustainable Business Development at Maastricht School of Management.

He holds a PhD from the Erasmus University (the Netherlands), an MPA from Leiden/Rotterdam University (the Netherlands), an MBA from Bradford/Tilburg University (UK/ The Netherlands) and a Minor in Small and Micro Credit Schemes from Harvard University Boston (USA).

He worked for seven years for the United Nations and the Dutch Ministry for Development Cooperation in Cambodia, Mongolia, Korea and Palestine. As director he is in charge of more than 30 programs worldwide focusing on capacity building, research and education. His research focuses on partnerships and cluster competitiveness in developing countries in Asia and Africa.

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“The lectures of Dr. Diederik de Boer were very interactive with a very interesting approach towards developing knowledge by addressing challenging cases."
Mr. Aboubakr Benazzouz (Morrocco) participants of MSM's Corporate Social Responsibility programme January 2023