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Corporate Social Responsibility │ Maastricht School of Management Corporate Social Responsibility

"The CSR programme follows a case-based approach; I've learnt how real businesses implement successful CSR initiatives. Some of these initiatives can be carried over directly to my organisation, while others serve as inspiration for initiatives I may pursue back home in Morocco.”
Mr. Aboubakr Benazzouz (Morocco) participants January 2023

 “I decided to join this programme to smoothly proceed the required change and to develop mechanisms to analyze my organization’s CSR strategy.”
Mr. Asaad Mahmood (Iraq) participant January 2022

In particularly the materiality matrix has been very valuable to me as it is a new concept that this course has allowed me to acquire. In addition, the matrix can be easily applied and implemented while dealing with my current key stakeholders in the business
Imen Mejri (Tunisia), participant January 2022

Group working enabled me to pool my ideas and see problems from different perspectives. We combined a variety of skills and expertise to successfully perform our tasks.”
Asaad Mahmood (Iraq) participant January 2022

The lead trainers in this program have been very helpful in exposing us to CSR, despite joining virtually we were still able to interact which made the programme very interesting. In addition, working together on group assignments helped me bond with my classmates from other countries and made it easy to interact and share ideas”.
Olabisi Oyekunle (Nigeria), participant January 2022

 “This course was very beneficial for me. I work at the American University of Beirut – Nature Conservation Center and soon we will start working with companies as part of their CSR strategy. So this course will definitely help me to improve my work and how to approach companies based on their values” 
Diane Awdeh (Lebanon), participant December 2019

Personally, I have never been with students of so many different nationalities. I had met people from Europe before, but never someone from Nigeria or China. It was great to discover that part of the world. You discover these countries through the people! Not only by learning about their culture by talking to them individually, but also during class from a business point of view”. 
Diane Awdeh (Lebanon), participant December 2019