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Increase your chances in getting a NUFFIC scholarship

first check if you are eligible for MSP. Applying for a NUFFIC scholarship is highly competitive. There are many more applicants for our programmes than there are scholarships available. Not everyone who applies will receive an OKP or MSP scholarship.

To increase your chances for getting awarded with a NUFFIC scholarship it is important that you collect and prepare all necessary documents.

Requirements MSM application

You need to apply at MSM through the online application portal. For your application at MSM, you need to upload the following:
    * CV
    * Copy of valid passport
    * Motivation letter (read more about the motivation letter below)

It is not necessary to upload all documents all at once. You can save your application and logout and login as often as you want.

Requirements NUFFIC application

If you are admitted to the course and your MSM application meets the NUFFIC requirements, MSM will send you the link via e-mail to apply for the MSP scholarship. Please keep a close eye to your e-mail. It is important that you collect all required and necessary information and documents before starting your NUFFIC application. It is not possible to save your application and continue at a later stage. You need to finish the application in one go. Your application will be rejected if it is not complete or if the submitted documents are not in the correct format. To see the full NUFFIC application procedure, click here.

For the NUFFIC application you need to upload the following:
    * Copy of valid passport
    * Employer statement (see exceptions below)
    * MSP Government statement (if applicable)

Motivation and endorsement of your employer
Make sure that you provide a compelling motivation. If your application is not well motivated, we will not be able to nominate you for a scholarship.

Your motivation and the endorsement of your employer is very important and has a central part in the nomination by MSM and the selection by the Dutch Embassy of your country who advice NUFFIC about who to nominate for the scholarship. It should be clear from your application how the intended learning outcomes of the programme will help you to make a positive impact on your current position, role and your country. In short, your “theory of change” should be compelling.

What should be included in your motivation
In deciding whom to nominate, MSM will also rank-order applications on the fit between development needs and intended outcomes. Therefore, it is important that you have a compelling view on how your participation in the programme will subsequently help you to address the development needs of your country. Your motivation should consist of the following questions:

  • What is the issue or problem you want to address in your country?
  • How will this course enable you to address this issue?
  • How will you address this issue in your position within your organisation?

Check the priority areas listed for your country and make sure you mention these themes when writing your motivation:
Click here for the MSP country priority themes

‚ÄčIn short, your application should be clear on long-term goals, identify clear indicators of outcomes (both with regard to your personal effectiveness & your contribution) to strengthening organisational effectiveness.

Admission requirements

Applicants should have the ability to function academically and professionally at Bachelor level. Because it is an interactive programme, candidates should have an adequate level of spoken and written English to be able to follow the programme and to actively participate. If it turns out that an applicant does not have the sufficient level of English, a certificate will not be awarded.

Deans Development Fund

For those applicants who were not awarded with an MSP scholarship it is still possible to join MSM’s executive courses with a reduced tuition fee by making use of the MSM Deans Development Fund. Click here to find an overview of MSM’s executive education programs. You can find the tuition fee and scholarships offer in the tab Fees & Funding.