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Small Business Development in Emerging Economies │Maastricht School of Management Small Business Development in Emerging Economies

André Dellevoet, Senior Project Consultant

Mr. André Dellevoet, is an expert in private sector development, development finance, corporate social responsibility and good governance. Having worked with more than 600 companies across Africa, Eastern-Europe and Asia under different private sector development programs, Andre brings with him much practical experience on how business is done in emerging markets.

He began his career in the Dutch diplomatic service in 1991, working mostly on African affairs and was the chief adviser on economic growth and private sector development in Africa in the Africa Directorate at the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs (DGIS). He has lived and worked for most of his career in various African countries, amongst them; Zambia, Namibia, Uganda, Kenya and the DRC. 

"“Dr. Andre is a person with long field experience that lasts more than 35 years working with companies, especially in Africa. We listen to realistic and interesting experiences and success stories of small projects from the field. This has a great advantage in work and training. He can communicate important information easily and also has very impressive charisma.”
Mohammed Al Hakeem (Iraq), participant of the April 2023 programme
"“I liked the interactive way in which the course is delivered, giving the participants the opportunity to share actual experiences from their diverse backgrounds. It was also a  great experience to interact with Small agribusinesses in the Netherlands to analyse but also benchmark on the different aspects of the programme.
Caroline Wamono (Uganda), participant of the April 2022 programme