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Small Business Development in Emerging Economies │ Maastricht School of Management Small Business Development in Emerging Economies

Testimonials of previous participants

"This programme excellently summarises the work of MSME companies and how to build them in a unique way, as well as addresses family businesses and how to manage them."
Mohammed Al Hakeem (Iraq), participant of the April 2023 programme

"This programme is very relevant, practical and timely in the context of Emerging Economies. It clearly gives an in depth understanding of characteristics of small agribusinesses and businesses in general. It comprehensively highlights the plight that MSMEs face in pursuit to achieve their growth and goals at all levels. Also, the programme provides interventions to address the key challenges faced by MSMEs at macro, meso and micro levels.”
Caroline Wamono (Uganda), participant of the March 2023 programme

"This course enabled me to deeper understand the role of the private sector and its impact on economic and social development, especially in the context of small to medium entrepreneurship development in emerging markets.
Basma Qaza (Jordan), participant of the April 2022 programme

"Every part of the programme has been very valuable, the course has very creatively linked so each daily topic led you to an holistic approach to dealing with the core issues of Small businesses development in emerging economies."
Wilson Idahor (Nigeria), participant of the April 2022 programme

"Great experience with Andre! His knowledge, and practical experiences in business development from several dimensions of economic development and from several countries, provides valuable, practical insights that only few presenters can bring to a business development training such as this.”
Wilson Idahor (Nigeria), participant of the April 2022 programme