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Project Management

Testimonials of previous participants

"The blended format  is a very nice approach. The online training allowed me to understand the concepts, to read the documents and to learn other techniques. During the face-to-face part, I felt comfortable because I already knew the subject and it was a great opportunity to exchange details and real-life examples with the teachers and my classmates.”
Kevin Dipama (Burkina Faso) participant of the October 2022 programme

"This course was an opportunity for me to understand the project’s life cycle and its different stages. I have also learned about analytical and planning tools such as stakeholders and needs analysis, results chains, critical path method and cost scheduling.”
Idrissa Nonmon Sanogo (Mali) participant of the October 2022 programme

“I have chosen the project management programme because I believe that each step of our life is a project, either professional or personal. As a young professional, and co-manager of a small business and active in an NGO, project management skills are crucial to set up my future project with the right tools and with more efficiency.
Said Bouzidi (Algeria) participant of MSM's Project Management programme October 2022

“I am sure that the knowledge I gained from this blended Project Management course will be very useful in my daily work as it enables me to contribute significantly to improving the management of ongoing and upcoming research projects within our department.”
Idrissa Nonmon Sanogo (Mali) participant of MSM's Project Management programme October 2022

The Project Management programme was well structured and dynamic, easy to understand, and yet with numerous resources to complete the knowledge acquired during the sessions” 
Sarai Sotero (Mexico)‚Äč participant of MSM's Project Management programme in November 2020.

I have been looking for a project management course to develop my knowledge and strengthen my skills after I have been promoted to program manager at the organization I work for. My colleague recommended MSM after she had already taken several courses and highlighted the learning experience. And she was right, The Project Management course has complimented my experience with the needed technical knowledge to implement a successful project. It has provided me with the steps, tools, concepts and strategies needed to apply in each of the 5 phases. The course was very well organised, interesting, and actually quite challenging."
Tala Saleh (Lebanon) participant of MSM's Project Management programme in November 2020