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Expertise Areas

MSM provides essential leadership and management skills specifically tailored to meet the needs of clients in a range of culturally contrasting environments.

Our internationally experienced trainers, familiar with both public and private sector contexts, offer problem-based learning approaches to client leadership and management challenges.

In pre-course consulting we identify client leadership and management issues, through

  • assessing the context for appropriate solutions
  • identifying existing leadership styles
  • analysing current behavioural preferences
  • selecting potential future leaders as change agents

On this basis we promote the use of tools to develop basic supervisory skills, leading to entrepreneurial leadership practice with other relevant leadership options, in order to lead change and transformation.

How can we help you

MSM’s solution-providing approach requires in-depth understanding of the background to client needs (which may not be those initially considered by the client) before the recommendation of a specific approach, which is geared towards the focus area, the time-frame of the impact, the client circumstances and the provision of the particular MSM product, which could be off-the-shelf or tailored. Training, consulting and project-based services can be offered online, face-to-face or in hybrid formats.

How we provide support on different levels

Focus area


For whom


Individual level

Training and mentoring/coaching


Principals, Dept. Heads, Teachers, trainers

Executive training courses

Educational level

Curriculum and course development; train-the-trainer; capacity-building

Short and medium term

Training Centres, Vocational Colleges, Universities

Tailor-made training courses

Organisational level

Leadership and strategic management development

Longer term

As above and public and private sector organisations

As above and consultancy

Institutional level

Policy development; strategic planning

Longer term

Regulatory bodies and ministries

As above and projects