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Expertise areas

The essence of entrepreneurship is creating and capturing new value. MSM supports the set-up of incubators, entrepreneurship centres, advises on entrepreneurial-ecosystems, entrepreneurship education and entrepreneurial transformation of organisations, and offers entrepreneurial skills development training programmes. In addition, MSM offers support, training and advice on knowledge valorisation and the role of technology and innovation for (local) economic development.

Skills Development and Entrepeneurship and Employability 

In many project interventions as well as in formal education, skill development has been biased on practical technical skills, overlooking the need for strengthening cross-cutting so-called 21-century skills, essential skills needed by the labour market. 

MSM is offering companies, organisations and individuals skills training and consultancy on how to structurally improve employability. This is based on the MSM skills development framework, illustrated in the figure below.  Click on the figure to read the Working Paper on Skills development: pathway to youth employment