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Expertise areas

Universities and vocational education institutions operate in an increasingly challenging setting with demands from government, private sector, and students, and are facing more and more competition, whether national or international. MSM offers expert advice, training and capacity building on various topics, including commercialisation of university, higher and vocational education, curriculum development, university – industry relations, quality assurance and accreditation, university strategy development, labour market analysis, and research capacity development.

Capacity development of Educational Institutes

Focus Area Impact Partners Products
Individual level Training Short-term Teachers & middle/higher management Scholarships; Executive training open enrollment
Educational level Curriculum and course development Middle-term Universities, vocational training centers Outreach education degree & non-degree; projects; tailor-made-training
Organisational level Leadership and strategic management development Longer-term Universities, vocational training centres, companies Tailor-made-training; projects; consultancy
Institutional level Policy development, triple helix Longer-term Regulatory bodies and ministries Applied research; projects